Foreign Food Market

Cooking in South Korea can be difficult, where I live my food tends to go bad quickly and the options are limited. So if I want to get anything special I have to go somewhere else. Which is really bad for cold things. Since the holiday season is around I really wanted to buy candy [...]


Mitsuwa is a Japanese marketplace in the suburbs of Chicago at 100 East Algonquin Road  in Arlington Heights. There are several other Mitskwa's spread out in California and one in New Jersey. Mitsuwa includes a bookstore, video shop, grocery, food court, and bakery. On weekends they tend to have special events. Books Kinokuniya I always [...]


Billa is a grocery store or supermarket. Since there was a kitchen in our hostel and parks nearby I would go to the Billa for groceries and snacks. My roommates and I bought a lot of bread, cheese, and eggs. Two of my roommates were vegetarian, something of a struggle for them but it wasn't [...]