Enter-6 Wangsimni Station Branch mall 엔터식스 왕십리점

Nathalie and I went to Wangsimni to see The Force Awakens in 4D, but arrived way to early. Luckily the station’s attached to a mall. The mall is mostly a fashion mall, with plenty of clothing and accessory shops. There’s nothing particularly exciting about that but this small mall’s themed. It’s broken up into avenues that are European-esq, with giant fountains and statues and little gardens with fortune tellers or palm readers sitting around. They had long lines and little old ladies who sat wearing white gloves and with huge magnifying glasses as if checking to make sure each person had properly washed their hands rather than explain how they’d fare with love, wealth, and luck. There were chandeliers and the ceilings changed depending on where I was. I really enjoyed wandering around, though I’m sure I got some strange looks stopping to take photographs of the ceiling in the middle of faux cobblestone roads.


I didn’t do much shopping, there is an E-mart in the mall, and plenty of clothing, but all I bought were candy coins for my students since it goes with my winter camp theme. I’d wanted to do some shopping but I didn’t bring enough money and after scouring the place for an atm for my bank we found only one that was plastered with signs that it was out of order. The theater was on one of the upper levels and had a huge open space to wait or queue. There was even a cafe in the theater. I did find it strange though that the they have you leave a separate way then you come in. So I just followed the crowd after some workers blocked the door. It was a bit weird to suddenly find myself in what felt like the employees only back of the movie theater and then have to get  out through a door propped open with a fire extinguisher but it’s the way they told me to go and the way everyone else went.

There's two main types of popcorn here in Korea. Normal and then caramel popcorn that tastes like it's doused in maple syrup.
There’s two main types of popcorn here in Korea. Normal movie theater popcorn and then caramel popcorn that tastes like it’s doused in maple syrup.

There’s also apparently Four season which is a water park and a indoor golf area.

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