YP Books 영풍문고

YP Books is a bookstore chain in South Korea. I’ve walked past a few but tend to not buy any books. But with winter camp (Pirate themed) upon me and without the book I’d requested I headed out to take a look at the one in Coex, which I’d been told had a big sized English section.

Finding the bookstore in Coex is extremely easy. The main direction signs include it. Along with the Post office, Aquarium, theater and Blood Donation center. Why not shop and save lives all in one place?


It took awhile to find the English section, I mostly just scanned the signs to see if any were in English then went down to the lower floor and found it in the back.  It’s a nook, with a decent selection, and I found a travel book I wanted but couldn’t find the picture books for awhile. When I did find them there was no rhyme or reason, no order and I seemed to have forgotten just how thin picture books are, especially crammed together. So as hard as I looked, crouching amongst the stacks until my legs fell asleep, nearly sending the huge pop-up books flying with my bag when I turned to scour other shelves, I could not find the one book I was looking for. I did however learn that there is a Game of Thrones pop up book, not sure it should have been in the small kids section, but who knows, maybe it’s been made child friendly or we’re harkening back towards a level of original fairy tales for kids.  (You know, the super gory originals?)

It’s mild torture to walk through a bookstore and not really buy anything. But when you have a weight limit for flights it’s a bit hard to find a good excuse to buy them, especially when you have an e-reader. But if you want a book to read because you miss the smell of paper, ink and glue (I really do), it’s nice to look around, though expect more than half the books to be shrink wrapped.

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