Café-deli Artisée Pâtisserie

Cafe Artisée is a cafe chain in Seoul. It’s french inspired and has a variety of breads, baked goods, sandwiches, salads and other foods. I went for a quick lunch and was pretty surprised. I ordered a simple sandwich: a baguette with chicken, lettuce and cheese.


The heated it up for me which was nice, I loved melted cheese on sandwiches.

The surprise? Pickles. Sweet crunchy pickle slices throughout the entire sandwich. I’m not sure what is up with Korea and their love of pickles but it comes with everything. Sweet pickles with orders of pizza, on sandwiches, as side dishes. I’ve eaten more pickles in South Korea than I ever have back home. And the weird part is I like them a lot here.  I really like the atmosphere of Cafe Artisée, especially that the napkins and placemats have art on them.

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