Tom N Toms


I usually don’t get to Seoul before 11 am, it takes me over an hour to get almost anywhere. But a friend wanted to meet up early so we could do a lot throughout the day . So after about 2 hours of traveling I came out from the subway and into cold winds and snow falling. I was about 20 minutes early so I looked around for some place to sit and wait.

I’ve seen Tom N Toms a lot. It’s all over Seoul and their promotion for their praline drinks in mason jars has been attracting my attention so when I spotted one near the train station I rushed over. They offer a lot of food too, like pretzels and I debated getting one but I wanted to save space for lunch. So I just ordered a chocolate praline drink. I wondered if it would actually come in a mason jar as I took my buzzer and found a seat. I settled into a book on my nook and soon my drink came out. It did come in a mason jar.


It was sweet and warm and hit the spot on a cold snowy day. It’s a good thing I carry my nook with me everywhere because my friend was over a half hour late. But luckily on a early Saturday morning it was quiet in the cafe with only a few other people scattered around.

The top was a thick foam with nuts sprinkled on top.


I wasn’t sure if I could keep the jar, so when my friend showed up I set it on the counter and as soon as a worker spotted it they chased me out of the store to make sure I took it with me. So you pay for it and get to keep it. Which is nice, I can always use more things to drink tea or smoothies from.

Tom N Toms is an international coffee company, with shops in California, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, and several other countries. The cafes in Seoul are pretty easy to navigate with English on the menus.

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