CoCo curry house


I love curry, but curry tends to be both delicious and spicy. Usually outside of the United States it’s too spicy for me to handle beyond just a few bites. But Coco Curry House is like a dream come true. Coco Curry House is a chain from Japan that specializes in Japanese curry. Why is it a dream come true? Because it has spicy levels.

In the menu you can flip through and make choices, how much rice you want, and how spicy you want it. So I can pick the 0/low level and eat every delicious bite without draining  all the water in the shop. I ordered their chicken katsu curry with half rice.


Since it wasn’t spicy half rice was too much for me since the chicken cutlets also soaked up the curry. It was delicious, especially with the pickled ginger.


I’ve been told there isn’t much of a difference between the Coco Curry House in Japan and the ones in Korea. Except that if you pick anything above 0 there is chance it could be a lot spicier than you’re expecting. I’m glad I’ve found a place with curry I can eat and curry my friends who love spicy foods can enjoy.

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