Book Review: “Grimm and White” by Emily Hansen

In a world with fairy tales of happy endings and cookie cutter romance plots tied up in pretty bows Grimm and White breaks the mold and drops it in a vat of blood. A re-spin on stories we know in our souls Grimm and White follows a merging between the tales of the brother’s Grimm with a focus on Snow White. With Alice (Allie) and Kallin, two star crossed lovers who’ve never met, set out on a journey to fill their hearts and quite possibly save the world.

In Grimm and White you follow Allie a sarcastic dark humored teen without a heart. Literally. In search of answers and under a ticking clock, trying to avoid Kallin, a boy weighed down with guilt who would happily volunteer to fill the void at the cost of his own life. The two keep in touch for their long distance romance through magic journals and do their best to stay alive. With magic, monstrous fairy tale people, sarcastic talking mirrors, and curses there’s a lot to keep track of and even by the stroke of midnight not all characters will make it out alive.

Grimm and White is Emily Hansen’s debut novel and the first of a new series. Fitting beautifully in the re-imagined fairy tales for young adult readers this story veers off the path and shows the darkness that happens when a heroine trudges on a quest with the full weight of a “Never Happily Ever After” weighing on her “heart”.

This book is book 1 in the “Heartless” series.

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