Platinum and Central World

On my first full day in Bangkok I spent a bit of time trying to decide what to do. After an almost hour long conversation with a friend, he suggested I check out the malls only 3-4 khlong boat stops away. I first popped my head in the Palladium since it was the easiest to get to with the traffic lights and was a bit surprised by how dim it was and empty. I had high hopes, expecting it to be like the Palladium I wasted so much time in in Prague.  I got a crepe and decided to figure out how to cross to get to Platinum. The Platinum fashion mall was a lot different and welcome after rushing in from the rain. It was filled with people, despite being a Monday morning and reminded me of some of the fashion malls in Korea, with a lot of little shops set up with a single person or two sitting to take your money or answer your questions. It was four floors, lots of cheap women’s clothing and accessories. I ended up buying two nice shirts for work and running away before the lady could talk me into buying more.


From Platinum it was a little bit easier to get to Central World. The Khlong boats drop you off on the other side of the street and without any nearby crosswalks it’s more or less a game of Frogger to get across. I usually waited until another group was crossing and I’d run across with them. Safety in numbers. Central World was more like malls I’m use to. Though I can say I’m not really use to malls that are 7 stories.


There is security at all the entrances and shrines for Ganesha and Trimurti near the entrance I went in. It’s a massive mall, and though it says there’s wifi I wasn’t able to get any when I asked. There are bookstores, and clothing stores, and tons and tons of food. If you forgot anything or just want to waste some time in a giant air conditioned mall it’s probably the best place and it feels the most western. I only bought postcards at the bookstore and later found postcards much much cheaper. (Just my luck)



Both of these malls were really easy to navigate. So if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed I suggest heading off to a mall to maybe find your footing again and look at some clothes. Or just to cool off and eat.


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