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In Siam Paragon, in the basement is an aquarium. And I love aquariums. After going through more security and down an escalator past all the decorations for shark week I went and bought my ticket. There wasn’t a line and the aquarium wasn’t very packed. I think most of the school groups had just left when I was heading down. They do push some combo tickets where for a discount you can also go see Madame Tussauds (wax museum). There’s also a discount if you book online.


The aquarium is great way to kill time and see some really cool animals. There was lots of English to read by all the tanks. There were also plenty of different information sessions and feedings going on that were in both Thai and English. I got to sit and learn about the Jackass Penguins (from South Africa), watch a really excited manta ray that nearly jumped out of it’s tank during feeding time, and watch divers feed some fish and sharks to the “Jaws” theme. Plus if you feel like it there’s a lot to do, like diving with the sharks (make a reservation 3 days in advance), Ocean Walker which seems to where you walk around in a tunnel underwater for a different view, 4D shows, behind the scenes where you can learn more and do some hands on work with their equipment, and an ocean feeding boat. I didn’t opt to do any of these, spending a long time just wandering around the exhibits and looking at everything and reading everything. Like a lot of aquariums there’s also a hands on section where you can touch starfish and a couple other creatures. It’s also fairly nice for kids, I would however advise to be cautious around some open tanks that a kid might try to reach into.


The Aquarium itself is a part of the Sea Life trust which is a charity that works to protect and care for the oceans and the creatures that live in it. It was a great escape on a hot day.


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