Muggles Cafe 머글커피 -closed

Update: as of December 2019 this cafe in Sanbon is closed. There is apparently another location in Anyang but I have not been to verify if it took is still open or closed.

Muggles Cafe is in Gunpo, a satellite city of Seoul and off the Sanbon station out of exit 3. It’s a bit hard to spot on the second floor with an entrance through a small door in a parking garage. We had to cross the street and look up in order to find it.

It’s a nice cafe. With the Harry Potter movies being projected onto the wall with Korean subtitles and no sound and a Slytherin robe hanging up on the door it seems like a somewhat popular meet-up and work spot. The decor is more Harry Potter inspired than the drinks. Which ended up looking a bit Disney with the way the oreo’s were placed. The tables are huge and good for decent sized groups, there were several groups sitting around talking and working. Nathalie and I ended up with a huge table all to ourselves, it was nice to have so much space.


I ordering the Oreo Mine which was intense. It’s a milkshake with chocolate ice cream, oreos, a cookie straw and a slice of cheesecake. I was pretty glad there was a bit of water available near the window with lemon slices in it to counter balance all the sugar. We were also brought lemon wafer cookies. It was all delicious and it was a great spot to just sit and relax. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it wasn’t loud or particularly busy.

Located at 경기도 군포시 산본로323번길 16-29 청송프라자


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