EtOH’s Drafthouse

After awhile of not being sure what to eat we settled on a popular foreigner spot in Daegu that my friend really likes. In Korea, beer (맥주) is somewhat limited to  Cass and Hite. There’s not a ton of options when it comes to beer or arguably alchohol in general unless you find some place that sells something beyond beer and Soju. A lot of places in Itaewon have options and in Daegu the popular spot is EtOH’s Drafthouse. Located at 대구 중구 동성로3길 12-3 2층  near Banwoldang exit 10. With English speaking staff, four pages of alchohol including cocktails, draft beer (up to 12 different types tend to be on tap) and more it’s pretty easy to find something to drink. It’s also a good place to go if you want pizza without corn on it. They’ve also made sure to include vegetarian and vegan options.

EtOH’s drafthouse is the work of Dumb in Daegu a no longer updating blog as the owner now is putting all their efforts into EtOh’s but you could probably still go up and ask them for suggestions on things to do in Daegu. While I was there I’m pretty sure I spotted them chatting with some regulars at the bar.

Cute glass meh beer

I’m not actually a fan of beer. The only beer I’ve finished or even made a dent in was the butterbeer at Bulldogs and that was a rare monumentous occasion. Despite this and having greatly enjoyed my watermelon juice from Juicy I decided to be continue the feeling of summer and try their Watermelon Wheat that was on tap. Partially because my friend really liked beer and was more than willing to help me with it. Not too surprisingly I didn’t like it. Despite it’s name (and maybe it was the end of the tap or something) it didn’t taste even slightly like watermelon. Just beer. So I ended up sliding it over to my friend and drinking water with the pizza we ordered.


We ended up splitting a bacon cheeseburger pizza which was delightful. A bit too many onions on it for my friend who picked them all off, but delicious and in American style with a slightly thicker crust and not a kernal of corn to be found. While we sat in the back of the bar we were able to watch photos roll across the wall from the projector from events that they host, like trivia nights, dart tournaments or pizza eating contests and I was surprised to see some familiar faces go past. And when I messeged my friends to tell them I was at a restaurant and their faces were on a screen they knew exactly where I was talking about.

It’s a nice spot in Daegu, popular for foriegners and a nice taste of home for the homesick. A bit pricy and if you want food your a bit limited between pizza and sandwhiches but you can customize your own pizza for fun.

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