Daegu Arboretum 대구수목원

I love parks, forests, conservatories and arboretums so when I saw there was one in Daegu I was pretty excited to go. Since it was kind of far away from where we were we decided to go there first and then work our way back.

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The Daegu Arboretum is free and was really popular with families and picnickers when we went. We were barely in when all the side walk was covered with blankets and people sitting and children playing while ants tried to make off with their food. There are over 1000 species in the arboretum including several green houses and a couple of museums (that are mostly in Korean and we didn’t find them particularly interesting). The space of the Daegu Arboretum use to be a landfill and is now considered a good example of ecosystem restoration and it’s pretty. There weren’t a ton of flowers in bloom when we visited and a lot of things were vastly overgrown and the signage was limited. There were specific things we wanted to see like the herb garden or the bog garden but not many signs to point us in the direction of any of these, so we just had to guess. My favorite part of the garden was the giant cacti house in a beautiful green house but a bit dangerous, since like a lot of things throughout the arboretum the cacti were overgrown and spilling into the walkway. So careful where you walk.

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The arboretum is closed on Mondays, not particularly exciting during winter, and is open year round from 9 am until 6/7pm.

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