Ghibli store in Youngmun

After a recent trip to the movies I spotted a cut out of Totoro for people to pose with and all these advertisements up and around for a new Ghibli store. It was in the back of the toy and hobby store in Yongmun station, which I hadn’t ever ventured far enough into, usually less interested in all the Gundam models that are near the front. But the Ghibli store was lovely and meant I could try and get gifts I hadn’t gotten when I was in the Ghibli stores in Kyoto (especially since when I’ll be in Tokyo this summer the museum is 100% booked and I can’t go).

Ghibli shops are expensive. Which sucks, but they’re also whimsical. Outside the one at Yongmun station is the cat bus you can climb aboard and sit in, a jumbo Totoro to pose with, a tree to sit in and watch movies, and the bakery from Kiki’s delivery service. The bakery is nice, there’s even an upstairs attic room, Kiki’s room, with a fire and a couple things sitting around that you can take a picture in front of. Note however that the space is small and narrow, so you may have to wait a bit before you can get a photo. I went during an event where after buying things you could spin a wheel and get a prize. So I bought souvenirs for friends and managed to get a plush of Baron Humbert von Gikkingen (The Cat Returns and Whisper of the Heart) for free. They also had the Calcifer frying pan which was sold out.

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