Party to the Eastern Sea and Pokemon Go

Every summer the elementary school I work at goes on a teacher’s field trip. Last year we went to Ganghwa island, just the elementary school teachers and some of the staff. This year though things have changed so practically everyone was piled onto a big charter bus that drove us to the Eastern Sea for “Teachers Training” which is more or less just team bonding.

Our first stop was lunch. It was the start of our all seafood diet for the trip. Which makes sense since we were heading to the sea.

We had lunch on the way all together with pipping hot fish bright red in Hongcheon. We ate at 와동-이필남동태찜 which seems like a great spot to get spicy seafood. I couldn’t eat it. Way too spicy so they ordered me soup that wasn’t spicy.


And well-it had absolutely no flavor. 90% bean sprouts with some chunks of fish in it. And of course these are the chunks of fish with all the little tiny bones and I just don’t like all those thin bones. I made a coworker try it to make sure it wasn’t just me who thought it was disappointing and she shook her head and said it was bad.

Right now in South Korea, a country that loves gaming, Pokemon Go does not work. Except for a glitch near the northern part by the Eastern Sea. Outside of the glitch there’s no Pokemon, it doesn’t count your walking, all you can do is start the game and try to work with the Pokemon you have. Which means after people realized there was a glitch that droves of people have been booking buses and housing and heading to Sokcho. This sea side town is pretty ecstatic to have so many visitors playing the game. They’ve even been expanding free wifi and setting up charging stations. But that’s not where we went. We went to Yangyang which is the seaside county below Sokcho but still within the space of the glitch.


So just imagine a charter bus full of elementary and middle school teachers, staff and bosses in a bus, drinking soju, singing karaoke and dancing and also playing Pokemon Go all the way to the seaside. A bit out of my comfort zone as the soju was broken out along with the karaoke as soon as we got back on the road after lunch. But it was fun. It was fun watching the principal and vice principal learning how to play Pokemon go and watching everyone else just have fun.

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