Baekdamsa 백담사

On our party bus to Yangyang we stopped by Baekdamsa, a Buddhist temple in Inje. Baekdamsa temple is open from sunrise to sunset all year round and offers temple stays. The temple was built between 590-658 and has burned down several times. It’s a pretty but long hike up the mountain with plenty of hiking trails, everything from 7 km (4.3 miles) to 12 km (7.45 miles).


But since we were short on time instead of hiking up the mountain to Baekdamsa, we took a bus.  There’s a place at the bottom of the mountain and top to buy tickets at.


For the majority of our time at the temple my coworkers played in the river. I however didn’t make it to the river and got stopped for playing Pokémon Go. I wasn’t in trouble, instead a flock of photographers desended upon me to take pictures of my phone and the Pokéball bouncing in the foreground of the temple. Somewhere out there are a ridiculous amount of pictures of my hand and my cell phone. After they left I went exploring, collecting Eevees and visiting the beautiful Pokéstop. There was also a gym at the temple but I was nowhere near a level to fight, let alone wanting to fight what might have been a monk for their gym.



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