Runoa Coffee 瑠之亜珈琲 • ルノアコーヒー

Emily and I really wanted to sit and enjoy a cafe along the way to the Imperial Palace, partially for wifi. I was armed with my parasol but the air was just heavy and hot so as soon as we saw Runoa which had a sign saying free wifi we hurried in to look at their menu. It was really cute, with cozy chairs and felt like a good place for afternoon tea. I saw their chalkboard menu outside with a sketch of a matcha float and got super excited and ordered one while Emily picked out their pomegranate lemonade.

The matcha float was…bitter. I like matcha but I don’t like it plain, it was a bit like that chai latte I had at the flying pan, where the ice cream was the sweetner and creamer and just couldn’t melt fast enough. It was also covered in white chocolate flakes. It was better than the chai latte, but kinda disapointing. Emily’s lemonade was delicious. We had to ask about the wifi but other than that I really liked the atmosphere and probably would have enjoyed a pot of tea or some of their food. (They also serve a wide selection of coffee from around the world)


We managed to find our way to the gardens surrounding the Imperial Palace but it was just too hot. Without tall shady trees we essentially cooked as we tried to get close, eventually giving up and running as far away as fast as we could towards some place air conditioned. It was better progress than last year when it was closed, maybe next time I’m in Tokyo it will be cool enough for me to actually get closer. It seemed like a really nice area with plenty of people enjoying the gardens and biking or running despite the heat.




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