Tarte and Tea Room

When we’d been searching for the bbq road we walked past a Tarte and Tea room and decided to go after dinner. Surprisingly we didn’t end up with any tea, choosing instead to try some of their specialty drinks, like rose ade and a chocolate cereal milkshake called Choco Crush.


I also got a chocolate banana tarte while my friend got a plain chocolate tarte. The rose ade required some stirring and wasn’t the worst rose ade I’ve had. It was sweet and bubbly and only slightly tasted like perfume. The Choco Crush we ordered was delicious. We probably over did it with the amount of chocolate we ordered, but honestly the chocolate crush was good enough on its own. I liked it better than my tarte where the bananas had been in a jelly like solution that weirded me out a bit. However as a note, the Choco Crush comes with a bubble tea straw and when we mixed it, like bubble tea so the cereal was mixed throughout, we regretted it as it got soggy and texturally disapointing.

Overall we really liked the relaxing atmosphere of the Tarte and Tea room. There was even a restaurant in the floor above us. It seems to be a chain in Daegu too, since we found another that had a completely different atmosphere (bright and white instead of dim and cozy) on our way to the station.

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