B Burger Kitchen and Bar

After a bit of shopping a friend and I scrapped our original plans and settled into B Burger because it was too cold to keep looking. We decided to split two different burgers and try their nonalcoholic princess inspired drinks.

We picked out their Miso burger which has miso butter, grilled pineapple and romaine lettuce and tomatoes and their pulled pork sandwich which has smoked pork, homemade barbeque, cole slaw and jalapeno relish. Both were really good. I prefered the miso burger because it was a bit less messy and the jalapeno relish was spicy.


To drink we got the Little Mermaid which was fresh lemon juice, sprite and grenadine and Snow White which was fresh bananas, milk, and honey with odd green balls in it, which I think were green maraschino cherries. The little mermaid was refreshing and snow white was like a smoothie. We also split a bucket of fries which we demolished.

We went around an early lunch time, but as we were leaving it was getting more crowded. I’m also sure later in the evening it gets a bit busier. There’s a couple B Burgers, a lot of malls have them (like Times Square).


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