Electro Mart

While out holiday shopping one of the places my friend wanted to go to was Electro Mart. I didn’t have a clue what it was, though I should have guessed. Electro Mart is a giant electronics shop that’s seems to be a branch of E-mart. Only unlike E-mart Electro Mart is peppered with back story to their superhero Electro Man. We were even greeted at the entrance by this giant figure.


The shop we went to was in Times Square and can broken up into segments with little comic signs telling you what’s in each section. You can test out cameras, computers, video supplies, look at figures, turn yourself into a figurine, buy/play with hover boards, test out drones, all sorts of home appliances, play video games, camping equipment, look at clothing (to help protect your secret identity), have a drink at the bar, or you know, buy supplies in case of zombies.


It was a lot of fun to explore and see what they sold. A lot of things were pretty pricy but I really enjoyed the theme and all the little nerdy additions throughout the shop. It was also cool to see both DC and Marvel superhero stuff for sale throughout as well.


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