Fat Cat Neighborhood Bistro

During the winter at home I always loved drinking eggnog and eating homemade spiced bread. Neither of which I can easily get in South Korea. I could try making eggnog, but with how my stove works I’d probably burn it and end up with something inedible. This year however a friend sent me a link to the Fat Cat Neighborhood Bistro claiming that they were now prepared for the holiday season with homemade eggnog. So over the weekend Nathalie and I went to try some.

For winter the Fat Cat Neighborhood Bistro has a nice selection of drinks. Pumpkin Spice, Maple Cinnamon, ginger bread, eggnog, hot buttered, hot chocolate, and hot lemon (tea). All of which you can get with alcohol in them, some can be served as a latte and others as steamers. As a person whose not a huge fan of espresso (or coffee in general) I decided to get their eggnog and even decided to get it spiked with rum. It was delicious.

Nathalie had hers spiked with bourbon

I also decided to buy some of the gingerbread men while Nathalie bought a slice of the gingerbread cake. They were delicious. I loved that I got two cookies and one of them happened to be a ghost, like a ghost from “A Christmas Carol”. I really want to go back before winter is over to try their other drinks.


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