Happy New Year

It’s a new feeling spending New Years in an echo-y apartment. I hadn’t realized how homey I had made my apartment and how strange it was to empty everything out. I’m spending the new year weekend moving. Not far, just into town for two months while they remodel my building. It’s been a stressful December. Add packing to trying to finish up the school year and prepare students for their finals has been overwhelming. Not to mention having to prepare to having a roommate again. 2016 has felt like a rough year. But I feel like it’d be best to look at the better things I’ve accomplished this year, like I did last year. I traveled a lot. I went to Bangkok, Kyoto, Tokyo (again but it was better this time), I visited Mount Fuji, Gyeongju, and the DMZ. I published an article with World Nomads, and got a lot of writing done. Still haven’t managed to knock off everything from my Korea to-do list but I’m working on it. (One day I will visit Jeju)

I didn’t really make any resolutions last year, so this year I will try to make some I should be able to achieve.

  • Learn more Korean
  • Travel more (easy, I’ll have traveled to 4 countries by the March if everything works out)
  •  Write
  • Relax
  • Learn something new

Note:  Since I’m moving I’m going to be without wifi for who knows how long. So this may cause some problems with posting. Hopefully I figure it out before it becomes too much of a problem. Sorry in advance!

Happy NewYear! I hope this new year brings you wonderful adventures and happiness! What is something you’re proud of accomplishing in 2016 and what’s something you’re looking forward to in 2017?

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