Highlands Coffee

After breakfast where we said hello and goodbye to some of the people on tour we went out to run errands. We looked at the nearby souvenir shops, people who needed passport photos had their photos taken. I sat on the steps of a camera shop and wrote postcards to send home and then ducked into the nearby post office while I waited. When we all regrouped we headed up to Highlands Coffee. Highlands Coffee is a chain. The one we picked had a great view of the traffic below and of the park/lake. They have wifi and just happen to be up several floors of stairs. It was a nice spot to sit and enjoy the view.  I ordered a Trà Sen Vàng, a tea with lotus seeds.

The cafe I went to was also a short walk from Hoàn Kiếm Lake which is a scenic walk with several things to see, and can be popular at night with some performances on the sidewalk around the lake. We only had time for a quick walk around half the lake before we had to meet up with others for lunch.


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