Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant

Lunch brought us to Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant. My only desire for my third and last meal in Hanoi/Vietnam was Phở. Since our breakfast was included in our hotel, it meant I only had lunch to make sure I got to eat some. Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant caught our eye and we found ourselves upstairs taking up another large, though smaller table and enjoying the greenhouse like feel that was the second floor. Bean sprouts were growing in vases on the tables and if you felt like eating and paying for pisatchios while you waited there were bags at the tables. I ordered the Hanoi Phở which included fresh noodles, fake beef and ham (vegan restaurant remember), mushrooms and onion. I also ordered the cinnamon ginger tea.


Hanoi, for the less than 24 hours that I was there was somewhat chilly, which meant my hot Phở and hot tea really hit the spot. I loved both. The Phở was flavorful and so was the tea which was really soothing.

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