Sisaket Temple

We spent one evening and half of a day in Vientianne, the capital of Laos. We stayed at the Vientiane SP hotel which was located down a couple side streets making it difficult for us to find whenever we left the hotel. (Except at night where there was a creepy flickering street light that alerted us we were close). We ate a local restaurant for dinner and then I made my way back to our hotel utterly exhausted while everyone else spent the evening at a bar nearby.

The following morning those of us who hadn’t K.O’d to various illnesses ate breakfast at the hotel and boarded a tuk tuk for a tour of the cities highlights. Our first stop was Sisaket Temple.

The Sisaket Temple is a Buddhist temple with over 2,000 cermaic buddhas. They’re in the midst of restoring parts of the temple. It was peaceful to walk around and I enjoyed some of the animals visiting the temple.


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