Mansion 5 맨션5

Mansion 5 is a hanok cafe, which means that it’s a traditional Korean style of architecture. This gives the cafe a wonderful atmosphere with two floors of seating and an outdoor garden as well. Though with all that space it doesn’t mean it won’t get crowded. It’s a popular spot to sit with friends and catch up, for a long time. They offer traditional cafe fare, baked goods, teas, coffees and drinks as well as decent food and an alcohol menu. Still a bit full from brunch and not particularly in love with any of the cakes or baked goods they still had in stock we settled for just their drink menu. A delicious strawberry Oreo smoothie and lightly sweet milk tea.


Even though it was crowded there hadn’t been a long line so we didn’t expect our drinks to take a long, but they did. Go early or on a weekday when they may be less busy. We went in the early afternoon on a Saturday.

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