Buttermilk Biscuit Co.

After finally getting a sim card so I can be reconnected to everyone in South Korea a friend and I went to Apgujeong for a celebratory brunch at Buttermilk Biscuit Co.

Their specialty is in their name, buttermilk biscuits that they make fresh daily. The shop is a small shop with limited seating  and no available bathroom that I noticed.

You can get all sorts of different buttermilk biscuit dishes or just get them on their own with butter or jam. At the cashier they have picture menus for you to decide what you want and English explanations.  I ended up ordering the Southerner (9,500 won) and some fresh squeezed lemonade (5,000 won) while my friend ordered the steak ‘n cheese hash.


The Southerner is a buttermilk biscuit with a little bit of jam on it topped with boneless fried chicken, bacon, sunny side up egg, cheese and gravy. The gravy was a bit thin and sweeter than I expected but it’s savory and sweet  which was a great combination.

The steak ‘n cheese hash included spicy mayo so I didn’t try too much of it except the spicy mayo free bits my friend dug out for me. It’s seasoned steak on top of tater tots with cheddar cheese onions, bell peppers and sour cream. No buttermilk biscuits though. My friend loved it.

The lemonade on the other hand tasted a bit too bitter to me, it  tasted like the rind of alemon but I assume it was just that days lemon options. It is nice that it’s actually lemonade and not soda. Outside of the US it’s somewhat hard to find lemonade that’s lemonade and not just lemon soda/sprite/cider under the name of lemonade. So if you are missing non-carbonated lemonade you can give it a try here.

Buttermilk Biscuit Co. is open 11:30-7pm with a break from 3-4 except on Sundays. We went shortly after they opened and it wasn’t too busy so we were able to grab a seat and enjoy our meal. You can also get a ton of biscuits to go if you want.

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