New York Grill

I had a busy weekend of American food recently. Luckily on different days. I visited the New York Grill with Nathalie, who I haven’t seen in awhile because this summer/new semester has for some reason been brutal for everyone. So we met up in Pyeongnae-hopyeong for a late lunch at the New York Grill.

The New York Grill is a burger restaurant owned by a man who used to live in the USA and chatted a bit with Nathalie about Florida and New York City. While there I ordered the cheesy cheese burger (7,000 won) which came with fries and a Dr. Pepper (1,500 won) because I rarely see Dr. Pepper in Korea. I was surprised when it came to me served in a thick plastic red solo cup, something I also don’t see a lot of in Korea.


The burger was delicious. I got to choose what cheese I wanted and they had American cheese which also I can never find here and was ecstatic to eat. Nathalie got buffalo wings and a side of fries, it came with ranch. Their English menu is handwritten in the back with a list of their burgers and burger options but for other things like the buffalo wings you’ll have to read through the Korean to find.


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