4 mellow 포멜로우

After lunch at the New York Grill Nathalie and I wondered around in search of a good place to just sit and catch up. We ended up at 4 mellow which is a bakery/ cafe. We must have picked a weird time since it seemed like all hands on deck to pull out bread from the ovens which meant it took a long time for our drinks to get to us.

Their menu is all in Korean but if you can read hanguel you should be able to figure out what’s on the menu. Example my chocolate mint latte was 민트 초코 which roughly is mint choco. Nathalie on the other hand got a grapefruit tea which was 자몽, which is the Korean word for grapefruit so that requires knowing a bit more Korean.


My mint chocolate latte was good, I ordered it iced which was a bit more expensive but I loved it. The top was icy cold and the bottom of the mug was somewhat warm. We also split a cheesecake and they gave us a sausage with cheese bread for free, which I’m not a huge fan of so Nathalie ate that and I didn’t touch it. They also have a full bakery so if you want to buy bread or sweets there’s plenty to choose from.

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