Umeda Sky Building 梅田スカイビル

After lunch my friend showed me the Umeda Sky Building, also know as the floating garden observatory. It’s a unique looking building near the Umeda/Osaka stations.  The Umeda Sky building is a good place in which to view the city. It opens up into an open circle that you can walk around on the roof. A visit costs about 1,000 yen and is open from 10am until 11:00pm (in which they sell tickets, the building itself remains open an additional half hour) It has a restaurants and a souvenir shop, but the view is on the 39th floor after an elevator ride up.


It isn’t what I would categorize as a garden, seeing as there isn’t any nature on the open air roof at all, but it’s still beautiful. You might hear music though, since for some reason they have several speakers set up.

There’s also a lower floor with seats for you to rest and just enjoy the view. The sky building wasn’t particularly busy when we visited (Saturday afternoon) but it does tend to get crowded around sunset and can be fun to visit at night.


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