Inokashira Park 井の頭恩賜公園

Inokashira Park is a located right outside the Inokashirakoen station. It’s a beautiful park to walk through, lined with plenty of cherry trees to make it a popular place during cherry blossom season.


There’s a beautiful pond you can walk around that leads to a small zoo or where you can rent boats to take out on the pond.


There’s even a Buddhist temple. Across from the Nanai bridge is a little shop where you can order ice cream or snacks from a rather huge menu.  A friend told me there was a little place where I could get sakura (cherry blossom) ice cream, and I ordered a sakura mochi ice cream here.


I don’t think it was however the one she mentioned. There are a ton of cafes and restaurants and places to get snacks throughout the park, many of which do sell various ice cream flavors. There’s also sports fields for playing games and plenty of spots to have a picnic. It’s wonderfully peaceful and if you have a reservation at the Ghibli museum this is the best way to get there.


I spent the afternoon sitting and reading at one of the many benches and wandering through the park and it was lovely.

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