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Cookie time is a shop that specializes in…cookies. It’s in the name. They’re originally from New Zealand and have been branching out to share their cookies. They deliver cookies all over the world but only currently have two cookie bars, one in Harajuku, the other in Queenstown.

My friend and I ended up going for the Eat Your Kimchi meet up which happened to fall while I was visiting. We had a feeling the line would be long but we weren’t expecting the line to have begun as early as it had. We waited about 3 hours which wasn’t as bad as other things I’ve waited in line for. Plus we spent the entire time talking and Muncher the company mascot walked around handing out cookies. The shop itself was open but it’s not the biggest space and with three lines, one for EYK merchandise, one for cookies, and one to meet Simon and Martina it made the space insanely cramped. I waited to order anything until after the meet and greet which worked out because after some photos and a quick chat we were given coupons for the shop. I bought a cookie set and a merch towel before deciding what I wanted as a treat.


After a long trip of eating a ton of sweets as delicious as the cookie shakes sounded I just couldn’t bring myself to order one. Though they were tempting.


We still had dinner plans afterwards and with the huge crowd making a decision felt extra stressful. So I got a milk bottle.


And then I bolted outside of the cramped store to their window seating and grabbed the last available seat.


I got plain milk. There are other options of flavors like chocolate, strawberry or coffee. It came with a glass bottle with the mascot all over it that I could keep and a mini chocolate chip cookie. They offer free refills of the milk and they’ll wash it for you to take home. I got back in line to get a refill but it took so long to get through that I just asked them to wash it so I could take it home.


Cookie Time Cookie Bar is open from 10am until 7pm daily. They have wifi just ask for the password and the staff speaks English, there is also a bathroom available.

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  1. I heard about this place from Simon and Martina’s video too! I’ve been watching them since they and I were both in the same town in Korea, and I was so excited when I they came to Japan. A cookie bar is also pretty cool. Do you know if it is only in Tokyo?

    1. That’s amazing! Their videos can be so helpful! Right now there’s only two cookie bars, the one in Tokyo and one in New Zealand, but they also do international shipping of their cookies online from New Zealand. I hope they keep branching out. ^_^

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