Butterfly Farm

Another thing my friend and I agreed before we got to Cameron Highlands that we wanted to do was go to one of the butterfly farms. So after our Eco Cameron tour we asked to be dropped off, bought our tickets and headed down the stairs.

tickets for the butterfly farm

The Butterfly farm didn’t look like much from the outside until we went downstairs. The first enclosure was for stick and leaf bugs. We paused to try to find some when a staff member came over, opened up the enclosure and asked us if we wanted to hold a leaf bug. He pointed out the stuck bugs which seemed to all have been towards the top of the enclosure where we hadn’t seen them. We both held the leaf bug and it was an interesting sensation since I could feel it’s tarsi moving very subtly on my hand.

holding a leaf bug, it’s tiny feet felt weird

After some quality time with the leaf bugs we entered the butterfly space which was filled with butterflies. We saw all sorts and a staff member brought us a large Trogonoptera brookiana or the Rajah Brooke’s birdwing which there were many of.  Everywhere. They seemed to be very relaxed, not moving much and all over the enclosure. They are the national butterfly of Malaysia.

We also saw a variety of other butterflies up close and it was a lot of fun. I think besides being able to hold the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing I really loved just watching the Hypolymnas bolina (great eggfly/blue moon) butterfly move. As it moved it shifted between a dull grey to silver and then to a bright blue color and it was beautiful and fascinating.

After we left the butterfly garden there was still a ton to see. There were small mammals like raccoons, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits and squirrels as well as reptiles, amphibians, birds, beetles and large garden of flowers.  Most were in enclosures but some chickens and ducks were just free to wander.

We spent a lot of time here, taking our time to enjoy what we could see.

Tickets are 7.00 RM


  • Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Saturday-Sunday 8:00am -7:00pm



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