Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm and Cameron Square


A short walk away from the Butterfly farms is Cameron Square which is also near one of the Bee Farms. We figured since we were in the area it would be smart to take a look. There isn’t an entrance fee to the Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm, most of which seemed to be various levels of souvenir shopping, which eventually if you continued down the stairs would lead you out to the bee garden which looked weathered.  It wasn’t as interesting at the butterfly farm but we also didn’t pay anything and bees without a beekeeper aren’t particularly interactive and shouldn’t be.

We did do some shopping though, there was a decent amount of bee and honey themed goods. We bought some different flavored honey sticks to try that they offered to open for us to enjoy as we walked around (there were plenty of trash cans around to dispose of the left over plastic) and we used their bathroom which required payment  but unlike most bathrooms that require payment didn’t seem to include any toilet paper or ways to dry one’s hands.


After exploring the bee farm and eventually deciding we were done with it we headed into the square which seemed packed with little souvenir shops, restaurants, and things to entertain children like various fair rides and some games.  We decided to chill at the Old Town White Coffee shop which was more of a restaurant than a cafe. We ordered a taxi from there and then some french fries to split with some hot chocolate. The taxi ended up arriving much earlier than we expected so we had to get our drinks poured into to-go cups and shove the last remaining fries in our mouth before bolting, but they had decent wifi for the short amount of time we were there.


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