Bird’s Nest Hotel

As mentioned in previous posts if you aren’t staying in the main towns in the Cameron Highlands you better have a car. After realizing there’d be no easy way to get to the bus station to catch the first one we packed up all our stuff and left it by the door on our last day in the Cameron Highlands so that we could pick it up quickly, check out, and move into town. Which is what we did. We asked the taxi driver to wait and he didn’t seem to mind, most of the taxi drivers seemed curious about the Peony Apartments, talking to other people staying there, working there, or watching the tiny train go by with kids on board.

We grabbed our stuff, I did one last check to make sure we weren’t leaving anything behind we needed and took the taxi into Tanah Rata and to our hotel, Bird’s Nest Hotel. We picked it because it was within a short walking distance of the bus terminal and it boasted wifi.

We had to push our beds apart, but there was enough room to do so. 

We checked into our room which seemed to just barely be within the wifi bubble making the wifi weak and not really as usable as we had hoped. So we turned on the TV which mostly showed movie channels and settled on a Robin Williams film to listen to while we sat on the floor and ate the remains of what had been the oreo belgian cheesecake we’d gotten at BOH. It was barely recognizable clinging onto the box and packaging. It was relaxing to not have to be anywhere and a nice moment. Not having to worry about how to get to the bus terminal before 8am took a load off of our shoulders.

outdoor group space

The room wasn’t bad. It was small and cozy with nice amenities, there was an electric kettle, coffee and tea, bottles of water, towels, toilet paper and soap (though probably bodywash or shampoo). The bathroom was surprisingly narrow and I feel bad for anyone with long legs. Even though we wished the wifi was a bit better it still existed only a short walk from our room. There was also plenty of space downstairs for groups and a pond with fish.


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