Restoran Sri Brinchang

For dinner we had decided we would eat Indian food, especially after one of our taxi drivers suggested it. He suggested a place next to the Starbucks in Tanah Rata, the only problem? We weren’t sure which one he meant exactly. We ended up grabbing a seat at Sri Brinchang. It seemed to be a busy place. A couple finishing up their food next to us told us that we wouldn’t regret the food and that it was delicious.  We ordered the suggested specials and I ended up with what looked like a chicken green curry style dish with roti that despite being told it wouldn’t be spicy I struggled to eat. It was delicious but the amount I consumed was only due the fact I demolished my roti, part of my friends roti and ordered another one.


We also got carrot juice and watermelon juice. The food wasn’t fast and as the evening wore on it got busier and busier. My friend loved her food which was suppose to be a spicier version of what I ordered.

We sat at the edge of a table on the sidewalk and before our meal was done we were surrounded by other people, other travelers. It wasn’t bad, kind of an interesting way to meet people.

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