Gudang Cafe

After making it back to land we tried to pick a place to sit, dry off and get some dinner. We were utterly soaked from all the rain and decided uponGudang cafe.  The food menu seemed to be mostly Japanese food, which my friend hadn’t had before, so we decided to split some simple things.


I got a chai latte which wasn’t very flavorful but warm, which was the important part because we were soaked.


Then we ordered gyoza which was my favorite part of the meal.


The last thing we ordered was a teriyaki chicken don which was…okay. I was expecting Teriyaki chicken, vegetables and rice which we got, kind of. Besides the greens on top that was about it for vegetables, it was mostly meat and rice, which isn’t bad in itself, it just didn’t taste great, something textural was off putting. My friend ate most of it, not out of enjoyment but just because she was hungry. The meat in the upper left corner just was gristly/chewy in a way we didn’t particularly like. Which could’ve just been a bad batch.

The atmosphere though for @Gundang was nice and there was plenty of space to either work (at the 45 feet long Chengal wood table) or have a nice dinner and it gave off a cool cafe vibe with plenty of drink options.

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