Coffee On the Table

While walking around with the goal of seeing the Jubilee Clocktower we walked past Coffee On the Table and were instantly enamored by the pictures of their coffee. We made a quick mental note of their hours and decided we’d come back either that evening if it was still open or the next day.  We had plenty of time before they closed (they’re open from 9am until 11pm daily) and got a seat in the warmer section of the cafe and restaurant.

Despite being called “Coffee On the Table” they serve a wide variety of things other than coffee, like actual food which the majority of families there seemed to be enjoying. But since we’d already eaten we were there just for the cute latte art.  I was a bit concerned  that we’d have to order coffee in order to get the latte art, but the waiter quickly told us we could essentially order anything, so we both went for hot chocolate.  I ordered the chocolate hazelnut and my friend ordered a caramel hot chocolate.


They were each 15.90RM and came with a biscotti that was extremely dry and tasted a bit more like a cracker or very dry bread than anything. I’ve heard that in some cases their biscotti’s are delicious, so maybe we got ones that were too old, or a bad batch.


We absolutely loved our drinks and the fun 3D art on them and had a great time just enjoying the atmosphere.

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