Pit Stop no. 6

We decided for our last day in Penang to start our day of with a good brunch. We found a Restaurant called Pit Stop that seems to be a chain throughout Penang and went to the closest one, which was no. 6. They offer a variety of foods, not just western style breakfast/brunch. (Even though that was why we were going)

It was very busy on the Sunday morning we went. Some people were leaving when we arrived and we ended up being the only customers for the entire time we were there. We both ordered pancakes. I decided to go with the coconana pancakes that had a little heart next to them on the menu and to try the honey milk.


The honey milk arrived first which I was surprised had cute writing in the foam on top. It tasted exactly like honey and milk sounds and it came warm. I learned that maybe honey combined with warm milk isn’t my favorite thing, but it wasn’t bad. It was 11.50RM.


My coconana pancake came next. It was covered in nutella, banana slices, almonds, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and a side of maple syrup. It was good and not as overtly filling as I had feared. It was 14. 50RM


My friend ordered the berry berry pancake which was covered in strawberries with almonds, ice cream (with chocolate sauce) and strawberry sauce. It was 15.50 RM.

The restaurant was huge, with tons of extra seating a lot further then where we were sitting near the entrance. It was a bit dark but nice and quiet (since we were the only ones there and it was early in the morning during Chinese New Year) and they had good wifi. Pit Stop no. 6 is open Sunday-Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm. They are closed on Saturdays.

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