The Black Kettle

After picking up our things from our hostel we headed to the Black Kettle for dinner. The Black Kettle is a french bistro and bakery/patisserie near where our hostel was and near the fire house, with plenty of space for groups.


I ordered a peanut latte from their Chinese New Year specials menu (17RM) and their chop chicken (23RM).


When we arrived they weren’t particularly busy so we spent a lot of time resting and preparing ourselves for our midnight flight. The food was good. The chop chicken was a fried chicken on top of a delicious sauce filled with veggies with a sunny side up egg and french fries. It was a bit too much for me to finish, but the sauce and the vegetables were my favorite part. After we finished eating we decided to just stay at the bistro until it was time to head to the airport. We were a bit nervous about what we’d do if Uber didn’t work, it had done so earlier that day but thankfully the people at the restaurant had been able to order us an Uber. We just didn’t want to leave and then feel stranded without a way to the airport in the middle of a busy festival. So we stayed, got more drinks. I got a watermelon juice and we enjoyed their wifi until it got crowded and it was time to go.


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