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I really like doing something fun and a bit relaxing for the end of a trip. After not staying in the same place twice for the entirety of our trip I was exhausted. I wanted us to not have to worry about getting to the airport because our uber couldn’t find us down some tiny little alleyway. I wanted to stay someplace with blankets and windows with curtains,  that had wifi, breakfast and a 24 front desk. I wanted some place with tours and a pool so if my friend could finally get some one-on-one time with the water since we never found ourselves at a beach. So I booked two nights at the Seri Pacific Hotel.

It wasn’t like the backpacker hostels we’d been staying at or the family with a car apartments. The atmosphere was upscale to the point I nearly felt uncomfortable as we waltzed in at 1am, exhausted and gross from our flight from Penang with our heavy backpacks. But it was perfectly fine. My friend was enamored. It was about $50 a night and she was blown away. Especially when she saw that they had a pool.


After checking into our room we pretty much promptly passed out. It was late and while we were staying two nights, we also sort of weren’t, our flight would be leaving 7:20am from Kuala Lumpur the next morning. (we technically had a day to enjoy in KL)

view of the elevator from breakfast

We headed to breakfast in the morning, right before it closed. The breakfast seemed to be broken into levels for different groups. We were in with people who seemed to be on vacation while the level above us was filled with people wearing suits and what seemed to be at the hotel for business. The breakfast had a ton of options, a bit like a buffet. After breakfast we rushed our clothes to the laundry service to try and get same day wash and return then booked tours for ourselves. We missed the morning tour which left around 9am but still had time for the afternoon tour which would leave around 2pm. We had two tour options, a tour of downtown KL or a tour of the outskirts which included the Batu caves. We picked that one. Everything we did on our tour had free admission so I am not sure if it’s really worth it to do the tour. It was however very convenient and I think that’s what we paid for. After booking and paying for our tour, my friend ran off to the pool which I sent post cards and wandered around looking at the tiny un-air conditioned convenience store in the building for lunch.

The Seri Pacific Hotel was perfect for us on our last full day in KL. We wanted a place that was comfortable and could get us to what we wanted to do. It was however not in the best location for exploring downtown, but since we only had a day anyway it was fine.

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