We didn’t eat as much Chinese food as we had hoped throughout our trip, so for our last meal we looked up Chinese restaurants and found Opium. It isn’t really a traditional style Chinese restaurant and instead more of a modern style one surrounded by other expat style restaurants and shops. It was also a bit more expensive then anything else we’d eaten during our trip, but since it was essentially our last meal in Malaysia we didn’t mind splurging a bit.

Opium menu

We ordered cheese samosas which came with apricot chutney. They were delicious. (21RM)

My friend’s black dragon cocktail and the 3 cheese samosas with apricot chutney

My friend ordered a drink she absolutely loved that smoked when it came out. She got the black dragon which was a cocktail of vodka, crème de cassis, lemon juice and blackberries. I got to try a bit and it was good, sweet with a nice blackberry flavor but also strong in an alcohol undertone. It was really cool to watch though since there seemed to be some dry ice involved. (48RM)


My drink was a bit less exciting. I ordered the spiced teh tarik but it was still good. (15RM)

Lotus buns left, five spiced duck in the middle and my friend’s noodle dish right.

For a main course I got the 5 spice duck with lotus buns (45RM) and extra lotus buns (5RM) that I used to make myself delicious little sandwiches.


The early evening atmosphere was also quite pleasant. There was a live performer playing a guzheng and it wasn’t too crowded at first. We were able to sit outside and enjoy all the lights on the street.

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