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Recently I had a ton of time to kill at Yongsan station so I decided to visit the living store. Yongsan has gone through a lot of renovations within the last year. It’s gone from only serviving the ITX, line 1, and the Gyeongui-Jungang line to now including the KTX which goes all over Korea. I hadn’t wandered around the station in awhile and it’s gotten, insanely crowded. Usually I’m use to killing time in the attached malls while waiting for the ITX, or catching a movie at the CGV that’s connected. But it’s never been too busy. I decided to see if I could find the Animate store that I saw Twitter freaking out about a awhile ago and took the escalator up the “Living” part of the mall,  which has vastly changed and while construction isn’t done what I saw was intense.

What use to be on the main floor near the electronics which was a Ghibli shop, a small Gundam base and some random other toys has literally exploded into a floor of their own. Everything that was on the main floor has moved up to the 6th floor. Now there’s an Animate shop selling various anime goods, mostly posters, mystery boxes, and folders for a small selection of shows but next to it is a maze of intense figures, that was way too crowded to get any good photos of. What did have prices on it was a lot more expensive than I had expected.


Another surprise on the floor was a Nintendo corner. I was pretty excited since, while my 3DS isn’t compatible with Korean games the Nintendo switch is. The first time I went past a lot of games weren’t available and the selection was a bit small. But more games have come out since and it’s no longer just Mario.  They also sell plushies and amiibo’s, which I thought was cool. They also sell 3DS games and a variety of other things that change, last time I was through they had a selection of Kirby things.

3 thoughts on “Animate and Nintendo Store-Yongsan

  1. Hi! By any chance, do you have the contact number of this shop in South Korea?
    As I wants to see whether the price is cheaper for Nintendo switch.

  2. Hi! By any chance, do you have the contact number of this shop in South Korea?
    As I would like to compare prices for the Nintendo Switch.

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