A Summer by the Sea

I’m popping in for an update before getting back to my regularly scheduled posting. I took about 5 weeks to just…do nothing. I don’t think I grieved properly (I’m not sure I can really until we have the ashes ceremony which won’t be until I go home again, whenever that is) but I do think I was able to recover a bit, at least from the shock. 5 weeks seemed to be about as much hermit-life as the universe would allow me before summer hit and all my previous plans, some tentative and others long ago planned, just suddenly popped up like crocus in spring. To my surprise all of them took me to the ocean, which is great and needed because it’s way too hot this summer.

Thank you for your patience. I hope everyone stuck in summer is staying cool in the heat and warm if you’re freezing in winter on the other end of the equator.

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