Cantina del Sol 칸티나델솔

I had to be in Suwon for a trip that would leave at 5am, so I met up with a friend and spent the night with her, sleeping in her tiny apartment where we essentially had to play Tetris with furniture and things in order to move around. She surprised me with taking me to Cantina del Sol, a restaurant she’d recently found and fallen in love with. It’s a Mexican restaurant with what she said were the best guacamole and chips she’d found in Korea. She also claimed the margaritas were delicious but due to a combination of heat and having to get up early the following morning for a four hour bus ride combo’d with a 2 and half hour ferry ride I passed.

The restaurant is pretty small and seems to be run and staffed by one man who speaks English and made our guac from scratch and thus was able to keep the cilantro out of mine. The chips it came with were also delicious and insanely salty. In Korea a lot of chips are sweet and it’s a bit disappointing but these were great. So if you’re in Suwon at night and want some a guacamole snack I highly suggest Cantina del Sol. The restaurant is open from 6pm until 2am. They also offer a wide variety of drinks and other foods to try.


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