A short distance outside of Mangwon station exit two is a pink vending machine and a pink shiny creature guarding it. On the left hand side of the vending machine is a place for you to pull it open. This will lead you inside a cafe filled with highly photogenic cakes and drinks, or as their tag line goes: “Tin and Bottle”.

I went with Mika. She’s about to be super busy and since our catch-ups tend to be sporadic I figured I’d best hurry. We met at Mangwon station and headed to the cafe we’d both heard a lot about. We expected it to be like a speakeasy, but the window to the side that allowed you to see into the cafe ruined the effect. We both ordered drinks. I got a Mermaid iced chocolate and Mika got a Rainbow Sherbert.  Both drinks were 9,500 won. My iced chocolate was the same price as it’s tin cake counterpart.


We grabbed a seat and tried to cool off. Then we grabbed our drinks. They were quite cute.


They were however about 70% whipped cream and 20% ice. For the rainbow slush that Mika ordered she finished it in a couple sips and then ate her cute unicorn cookie. In the case of my iced chocolate it wasn’t bad but also I finished it rather quickly, after wading through the mound of whipped cream. The mermaid tail wasn’t a cookie but something more akin to extra sugary white chocolate. I kind of regretted it and wished I’d ordered the tin cake instead, there’s a lot less whipped cream in the case of the cakes, however with the packaging design of the tins it’s hard to tell how much is in it. It was fun to visit though and take pictures, but a bit expensive for something that’s mostly just whipped cream and ice. Zapangi is open from 10am until 11pm daily.

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