Brancusi Cafe

After our sugar kick we headed to another cafe called Brancusi for something a bit more substantial. I was regretting eating all the colorful whipped cream from my drink and also wanted to go somewhere where I could actually hear Mika talk and that their air conditioning a bit higher. Brancusi was a place Mika suggested, having been before. She suggested their Eggplant pizza. The eggplant pizza is more like a deconstruction of a pizza. You’re given a skillet filled with tomato sauce and vegetables (eggplant for sure) and covered in cheese and then three slices of baguette on the side. It was pretty good, however in my last bite I bit into something that burned pretty bad and made me dive into the iced dirty coffee because it had cream in it. I definitely needed more baguette slices.


the iced dirty coffee was nice, however probably would’ve been better on a day where i hadn’t just consumed an iced chocolate that was mostly a towering pile of whipped cream. It was a bit much on the sugar front. But it was soothing after. Mika ordered a gingerale which was a combo with cinnamon and ginger ale that smelled amazing.


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