Soup Stock Tokyo

For dinner we stopped and ate at Soup Stock Tokyo. We’d passed it at lunch but my uncle hadn’t wanted to eat there. They offered an eggplant curry that my aunt was very excited about. We split a meal which came with a choice of soup and a drink. I picked out the Tokyo Borscht. My aunt got their local beer and I picked out a black sugar ginger latte which was perfect.


Everything was delightful, much to my surprise. I’d been hesitant about the curry since I was concerned it would be spicy but it wasn’t. I loved it. The borscht was a little sour but still pretty good. We split both and greatly enjoyed it.

Soup Stock Tokyo is a chain with a menu of specialties that change. They also sell bags of their soup that you can take home and cook later.

This is the last post from my Aunt and Uncle’s trip to visit me. They took the Shinkansen to Tokyo the following morning and I took the bus to Osaka airport. (And back at home promptly slept for the last couple of days I had before work) I had a lot of fun showing them around, they’re the only family that’s managed to visit while I’ve been living abroad and it took even them, avid travelers, longer than expected to do so. We overdid everything, and I’m pretty sure this trip is what set off a snow ball of problems that occurred shortly after returning in my feet but I’m so happy that I got to do so much with them. We had some great heart to hearts that I think we needed. I can only hope that I’m as active and traveling as much as they do when I’m their age (My uncle is almost 80 years old).

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