Milky Bee

There are a couple staples to Myeongdong. Things like shopping, eating street food and another that you see quite often is rose ice cream from Milky Bee. Despite living in Korea for over 4 years at this point it isn’t until recently that I had an opportunity to try it.  They serve a variety of things but the big draw is ice cream/gelato. They sell soft serve with a chunk of honey comb (a very popular item) which I’ve had once at a different shop.


But what usually draws a crowd is their rose ice cream. There are four types you can choose from. A: Yogurt, strawberry, and chocolate B: Yogurt, chocolate and green tea C: Strawberry, chocolate, and green tea or D: yogurt and strawberry. For two flavors it’s 5,500 won and for 3 flavors it’s 6,000 won.


I picked A: strawberry, yogurt and chocolate. It is very pretty ice cream but it’s something you have to eat quickly if it’s hot out. The ice cream is built outwards over the cone so if it starts to melt there’s a good chance you’re going to immediately get it all over yourself. It wasn’t even too hot when I got mine but I still ended up covered in gelato. I really enjoyed the chocolate layer and the yogurt layer wasn’t bad but 80% of this rose gelato is a very tart strawberry ice cream that wasn’t my favorite. But I’m glad I got to try it and get a pretty picture of it before rushing to eat it before it melted.


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