Roses at Olympic Park

One of my friends recently got married. Actually, a lot of my friends have or are getting married this year. Only one however did I help out with. We hosted a tea party at Olympic Park in the rose garden and it was stunning.

I spent most of the time leading up to the tea party making sandwiches: cucumber, chicken salad and egg salad and some tea: a green flower tea and some coffee black tea. It was absolutely lovely. One friend got there very early and staked out a spot and set up. Then about halfway through, after catching up and eating we wandered around looking at all the roses.

There’s so many and it’s not nearly as crowded as the Seoul Rose Festival. So if you want to see some beautiful roses in bloom with not nearly as many crowds or with enough space to have a picnic (or an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal party) I highly suggest going to the Rose garden in Olympic Park.

These were all absolutely stunning during the last weekend of May. Olympic Park itself is quite big and can easily be overwhelming. Just because it looks very green on a map isn’t reflected in real life in the midst of a hot summer day. There’s lots of unprotected parking lots you have to walk through depending on which way you enter the park. I suggest rather than going up near the CU and trying to follow the actual paths or walking through the parking lot near the Tennis Court, to walk along the edge of the park, which is lined with trees and entire the park at the rose garden. The rose garden has it’s own entrance and it will save you some direct sunlight.


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