The Baker’s Table 더베이커스테이블

While in Itaewon on my own I figured I might as well get lunch. In Korea I always feel extra nervous going into restaurants on my own since Korean food is set up to be shared and there’s always a chance they’ll turn me away. But the Baker’s table is more like a bakery/cafe with a limited amount of seating so it was easy for me to grab a table and then be confused about how to order rather than whether I’d be turned away. Turns out when you arrive grab a table, then look at the bread and decide if there’s anything you want there. Otherwise look at the menu at the table and place your order with one of the servers/staff walking by.


I got a ham and cheese sandwich. Not very adventurous I know, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had honey glazed ham and I got excited. Especially since the split pea soup I’d seen online didn’t seem to be anywhere on their menu. (I found it on another menu after I ordered.) I also ordered their honey lemon ginger drink.


The drink was quite good. As for the sandwich—


There was a lot to it, thus making it semi difficult to eat. Provolone cheese is probably not my favorite type of cheese but it wasn’t awful with the honey cured ham and on rye. The downfall was the things included that weren’t listed on the menu. Some of it I could easily stand: tomatoes, lettuce, onion. However they also slathered a ton of whole grain mustard on both pieces of bread so it was soaked and super tart. It wasn’t the worst when I managed to get all of it in one bite, but when I ended up, more often then not, with just a piece of bread that had lost its filling it was rather jarring for my poor taste buds.

Other than the occasional shock of mustard it was a nice restaurant to pop into for a bite, and especially one that reminded me a bit of home. They also sell a lot of different types of bread, schnitzel, bratwurst, burgers, salads, soups and sandwiches/panini’s.  The Baker’s Table is open daily from 8am until 9pm. (They close an hour early on Sundays at 8pm). Their staff is also pretty fluent in English and the menu is in English so it’s pretty easy to navigate.

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  1. I love this place! Their vegan sandwich is BOMB, but they drench it in olive oil, kind of like what they did with the mustard on your sandwich…I guess they’re just heavy-handed on the condiments? haha

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